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Directory: V

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (719-255-3700)
The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is dedicated to meeting the academic needs of the student body as well as the faculty.
Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance - VCAF (719-255-3210)
UCCS policies, Organizational charts, VCAF units, UBAC
Vice Chancellor of Student Success (719-255-3582)
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Success oversees the Student Support Services
VINCE - Volunteer Information Network and Community Exchange
VINCE is an on-line volunteer matching program where UCCS students can search for volunteer opportunities in the greater Colorado Springs community.
Vision And Security Technology (VAST) Laboratory
Describes the project and people of the Vast Lab. The lab has over $2M in funded research for video analysis, video security, biometrics, sensor networking and network security.
Visitors Center (719-255-3084)
Visitors Center at UCCS
Visual and Performing Arts Department (719-255-4065)
The Department of Visual and Performing Arts at UCCS providing majors in art history & visual arts and minors in film studies, gallery management, music and theatre
VPN creates a secure, encrypted connection with the university. This allows the users to do several things from home they cannot do on a normal connection.